Welcome to the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Kiel University


The Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Management is located in Kiel, Germany. The group focuses on ecohydrological issues in national and international catchments. Interactions of land use changes, water quality issues and its effect on aquatic ecosystems are investigated in many of the ongoing projects.

In measurement campaigns we collect field data for e.g. lab analysis and model applications. We are working together with global and regional institutions to develop sustainable concepts for rural river basins.


Current issues:

Contributions from the Department to the upcoming conference "Tag der Hydrologie" in Trier, Germany (23-24 March 2017):

Guse, B. et al.: Welche hydrologischen Prozesse in Modellen ändern sich in ihrer Relevanz und raum-zeitlichen Dynamik unter veränderten Bedingungen?

Ulrich, U. et al.: Zeitliche Dynamik des Eintrags von Pestiziden und ihren Transformationsprodukten in stehende und fließende Oberflächengewässer

Vu, T.T. et al.: Evaluation of anthropogenic influences on the river regime - the case study of the Vu Gia - Thu Bon catchment in Vietnam

Wagner, P.D. et al.: Abbildung des Landnutzungswandels in hydrologischen Modellen: Ein Vergleich von dynamischen und statischen Modellrepräsentationen

Willkommen, S. et al.: Ein hochaufgelöstes Monitoring zur Identifizierung von Herbizid-Transportpfaden in Retentionsteichen


Contributions from the Department to the upcoming conference "General Assembly of the European Geoscience Union (EGU)" in Vienna (23.-28. April 2017):

Guse, B. et al.: Analysing spatio-temporal dynamics of processes and parameters in a hydrological model to understand catchment similarities among different landscapes

Guse, B. et al.: Connective strength between model parameters and performance criteria - A new concept towards precise parameter identification for sensitivity and uncertainty analysis

Guse, B. et al.: How does the sensitivity signal change when using the rate of change of a hydrological variable instead of its magnitude?

Jähnig, S. et al.: The role of hydrological extremes in ecohydrological model optimization

Kiesel, J. et al.: Uncertainty assessment of the EURO-CORDEX climate change products on streamflow across Germany

Pfannerstill, M. et al.: How to constrain multi-objective calibrations using water balance components for an improved realism of model results

Sun, X. et al.: Hydrological variables play a remarkable role in temporal dynamics of daily sampled diatom community in a German lowland river

Vu, T.T. et al.: Do dam constructions in a Vietnamese river basin result in change points in hydrologic regime and how reliable are different methods?


Final theses - open topics


IGCS - Indo-German Centre for sustainability



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