IGCS Research Fellows


Yueming Qu

Doctor at Hydrology Department CAU Kiel


Researchgate: www.researchgate.net/profile/Yueming_Qu2

Time period: November 2019 to January 2020. Postdoc research stay.

Yueming Qu worked on her postdoctoral project with the IGCS at IIT Madras from November 2019 to January 2020. During the three months, she dedicated to the jointed studies for the Sembakkam Lake restoration project under Prof. Dr. Indumathi M. Nambi in Department of Civil Engineering. She made an ecological assessment by algae investigation. The study offered a better understanding for the current status in the middle of the restoration work. Her work also included the analysis of heavy metals from the water hyacinth, sediments and surface water of the Sembakkam Lake. Yueming has a background of hydro-ecology studies. She holds her PhD in Natural Science from Kiel university. Her thesis focused on the phytoplankton community variations under changing environment in lowland catchment.







Xiuming Sun

PhD student at Hydrology Department CAU Kiel


Researchgate: www.researchgate.net/profile/Xiuming_Sun2

Time period:  September - December 2019. PhD student exchange project.

Xiuming Sun worked on a student exchange project with the IGCS at IIT Madras. She stayed in Chennai from September to December 2019, working under the supervision of Prof Indumathi M. Nambi at the Department of Civil Engineering, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Division. Her research topic was ‘Seasonal water quality changing in a lake cascading system in Chennai’. The study involved a set of filed work in the Pallikaranai catchment in Chennai and lab analyses and aimed to assess the temporal and spatial water quality variation by applying water quality index. Xiuming is a PhD student from Kiel University, Germany. Her thesis focus on the interactions between phytoplankton communities and environmental factors in a German lowland river.







Lukas Paul Loose

PhD student at Hydrology Department CAU Kiel


Researchgate: www.researchgate.net/profile/Lukas_Loose

Research stay for PhD students from June – September 2019

Lukas Paul Loose was working on a research project in cooperation with the IGCS at IIT Madras. While his stay from June to September 2019 he was working together with Prof. Dr. Indumathi M. Nambi at the Department of Civil Engineering. The research was focusing on the examination of the Pallikaranai catchment area and its cascading lake system in the city of Chennai. Hereto, assessments of water quality in the lakes and water flows of surface and groundwater were conducted. The study is supposed to serve as a basis for restoration measures and the improvement of water quality and quantity. Currently, Lukas is doing his PhD in the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Management at Kiel University.  








Avianto Nugroho

M.Sc. Environmental Management. CAU Kiel


Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Avianto_Nugroho

Research stay at IIT Madras from August – September 2019

I took part in a project titled “Building Coastal Community Resilience in the East Coast of India”at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences under supervision of Prof. Sudhir Chella Rajan. My research was focused on Small-scale Fishing Community Adaptation to Climate and Environmental Change in Ennore, Chennai. This project aimed at assessing the impact of a thermal power plant and some other factories nearby that was assumed to pollute the water, thus degrading the water quality and declining some fish species. Consequently, it threatened the livelihood of people nearby, especially fishing communities. The work involved some interviews with local fishermen to collect some data regarding current condition of the fishing activities such as: trends of catches, major problems they were facing, their income, and adaptive strategy to cope with the adverse conditions.

I hold a master’s degree in Environmental Management. My master’s thesis was about the ecological impact of offshore wind farms development in German North Sea.






Tibebe Tigabu

Doctor  at Hydrology Department CAU Kiel


Webpage: https://www.hydrology.uni-kiel.de/en/staff/tibebe

Time period: May to December 2018; Water Expert

Tibebe Tigabu was working for Indo-German Centre for Sustainability (IGCS) from 01 May to 31 December 2018 as a water expert in the Germany side at the University of Kiel. He had a research visit to the Indian Institute of Madras (IITM) from August to October 2018. During the research visit, Mr. Tigabu had joined to the research team of Water Resources in the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Division at the department of Civil Engineering. He had collaborated with the research group of Prof. Dr. Balaji Narasimhan. The topic of collaboration was “Importance of hydrologic model calibration and validation to climate change study: Experiences from the Chennai basin, Tamil Nadu, India”. The output of the research was presented at the 2019 Germany Hydrology day. This study revealed that hydrologic models are capable to represent areas under data scarce conditions and are required to assess impacts of climate change. Additionally, field campaign was organized by Prof. Dr. Balaji Narasimhan to measure a river discharge in Chennai catchment. Mr Tigabu was involved in teaching activities at a Summer School “Coastal and River Hazard and Management Strategies” in Aachen 14-24/7/2018. Tigabu’s research focus includes time series analysis, surface and groundwater modeling, and climate change impact assessment on hydrology.