Rural regions play a central role in the management of water resources of the earth. Most ground- and freshwater originates from these regions, but they do not only “produce” water: on a global scale agriculture consumes more than 70% of freshwater resources. The anticipated climatic change aggravates the situation, especially in countries where water is scarce. In Tunisia, the management of water resources has always been vital for the whole country. In the course we will use the eco-hydrological model SWAT to simulate and analyse different management options.

This integrated water resources management is much more than the simulation of water budget. It also includes impacts on economy, ecology of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems and effects of land use.

Last but not least is Tunisia the country where the „arab spring“ started. The mixed group of students from Germany and Tunisia is a unique opportunity to get unfiltered impressions of recent developments in a dynamic and modern Arab country.


Graffitti in Tunis