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IGCS welcomes Kiel University students of all nationalities to apply for their scholarships and become one of their success stories.


Would you like to be full funded to do your master thesis or a research stay in India?


We have a long experience in mentoring students and researchers in India, covering a broad spectrum of water issues. At a catchment scale, the water management ae of the IGCS develops sustainable concepts for rural and urban river basins with an ecohydrological perspective. It includes finding the effect of multiple stressors, such as land-use change or rapid industrialization, on water quality and quantity and its effect on aquatic ecosystems.


Are you interested in a school with Indian and German coleagues?


Scholarships are also available to attend to Winter schools in Chennai, India, and Summer schools in Germany.

Get 6 ECTS-credits by validating the school as the module Interdisciplinary lectures on sustainability (EMAEF046-01a).


More information: Dr. Daniel Rosado   drosado@hydrology.uni-kiel.de




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