Selected Research Projects at the Dept. of Hydrology and Water Ressources Management

Ongoing Projects

  • IMPACT – Developing an integrated model to predict abiotic habitat conditions and biota of rivers for application in climate change research and water management. (BMBF)

  • Assessment of river water quality and modelling of pollution with the SWAT model in a river catchment in Northern Germany (CAPES, DAAD)

  • Development and evaluation of benthic diatom based Index of Biotic Integrity to assess the ecological conditions of rivers ‐ a case study for the Kielstau watershed (DAAD, BMBF)

  • Integrated modelling of the response of aquatic ecosystems to land use and climate change in the Poyang lake region, China (DFG)

  • Assessment of Freshwater Ecosystems under Global Change ‐ Ecological indicators for sustainable and integrated freshwater resources management, Sino‐German Cooperation Group (Sino German Centre DFG, NSFC)

  • Ecohydrological and hydraulic river modelling for describing aquatic habitats (DBU)

  • Modelling the transport of agrochemicals to rivers in the frame of operative monitoring (LLUR)

Completed Projects

  • Simpel: an easy and understandable soil water model based on spreadsheet calculations (Excel)