Long-Term Soil Monitoring in Schleswig-Holstein: Analysis of the project results concerning changes of soil properties, informational value and optimisation of the realised methods

In order to assess changes on soil properties there are 38 long-term soil monitoring sites (BDF) in Schleswig-Holstein, which were mostly established in 1989/90 as recommended by the German Federal and State Panel for Soil Protection  (LABO). The BDF are located in different landscape regions and are under different land use management.  



At the monitoring sites comprehensive chemical, physical, microbiological and soil zoological analyses are carried out in intervals varying between three and ten years. Likewise the investigation operates with detailed cultivation data, which allows to calculate matter and humus bilances. On some sites there are additional measurements of water and matter flows in low temporal resolution are observed to get information about short-termed changes of the actual water and matter balance. This includes the collection and chemical analysis of leachate and the atmospheric deposition.
Important aims are:

  • Analysis for the detection regarding changes of soil properties
  • Investigation for reasons and relations regarding changes of soil properties
  • Assessment which parameters, indicators and sample strategies are suitable to reflect changes of soil properties and for reliable time series