Cindy Hugenschmidt

Institute For Natural Resource Conservation
Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Management
University of Kiel

Olshausenstr. 75
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Cindy Hugenschmidt



Supervision of final theses and lectures:

Ongoing theses (extract):

  • Quantification of runoff components in the Kielstau catchment
  • Assessing physico-chemical parameters and ecological state of a stretch of the River Eider
  • Quantification of runoff components during single events in the Treene catchment



Finished theses (extract):

  • Short term environmental monitoring in the catchment area of a copper mine, Espinar, Peru
  • Analysis of the temporal distribution of rainfall in the state of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Scale-dependency of parameter groups in SWAT


Open topics:

We offer master and bachelor thesis in the frame of different projects and are also interested in co-supervised and interdisciplinary theses.

If you are interested in a thesis at the Department, please feel free to contact me.


Modul 207: Schutz und Belastung von Gewässern - Praktikum Gewässeranalytik
Modul 269:Grundwasser
Modul 345: River Basin Management
Modul 341/Modul 343: Erfassung und Interpretation von Umweltdaten
Modul 344: Studienprojekt Agrarlandschaftsentwicklung
Hydrobiology (Excursion): Summer school - Ecological state of the lake during restoration measures

Research interests & scientific exchange

Research interests:

  • Catchment hydrology with focus on runoff generation, rainfall variability and hydrological transport modelling
  • Tropical hydrology


Scientific exchange:



  • since 05/2010
    Scientific Employee at the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Management, CAU Kiel.
  • 08/2006-04/2010
    Scientific Employee/PhD student at the Institute of Soil Science and Land Evaluation, Section Biogeophysics, University of Hohenheim, SFB 564: Sustainable Land Use and Rural Development in Mountainous Regions of Southeast Asia.
  • 02/2006
    Diploma in Hydrology at the University of Freiburg. Title: Continuous tracers in hydrological process studies in forested catchments.