Tibebe Belete Tigabu


Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Management
Olshausenstr. 75  
D-24118 Kiel
Raum-Nr. S1/R. 218a
Telefon 0431-880 1798
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E-Mail ttigabu@hydrology.uni-kiel.de
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Research topics

Hydrological Modelling,Groundwater Modelling and  Climate changge impact studies,

Employment and Work experinecs

  • September 2009- September 2013: Lecturer and researcher in the Department of Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering, University of Gondar, Ethiopia
  • November 2008 -September 2009: Hydrologist in Amhara Design and Supervision Works Enterprise (ADSWE), Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
  • October 2004-October 2006: Geologist & Team LeaderAmhara Region Bureau of Water resources development, Simada

Duties and Responsiblities 

  • Involvements in hydrological  research. works
    • Successfully completed hydrologic study work of Awash River Basin, including some sub-basins of the Blue Nile and Danakil Depression in collaboration with Amhara Design and Supervision Works Enterprise, (Freelance Consultant).
  • Involvment in teaching
    • , Courses taught are hydrology,Groundwater Hydrology, Climatology, Engineering Hydrology, Environmental Hydrology, Natural Resources Management & Analysis, Introductory Hydrology, Geomorphology, Hydrology & Integrated Watershed Management
  • Involvement in Study, Design and Supervision of different water related and civil society studies particularly in hydrogeology, hydrology and geophysical related works, reporting and presenting outputs for the concerned authorized bodies and the clients
  •  Preparing technical proposals and terms of reference, reviewing and editing works and reports of other colleagues.


October 2013-November 2015: MSc. in Ecohydrology, University of Kiel, Germany. Thesis :Water Resources in Lake Tana Basin: Analysis of Hydrometeorological  Time series of Lake Tana Basin, Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

October 2006- September 2008: M.Sc. in Hydrology & Water Resources Management, Arba Minich University, Ethiopia. Thesis: Water Resources Evaluation of Bijena-Mue River catchments with particular reference to groundwater

Sepetmber 1999-July 2004:  BSc. in Geology, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

PhD Research Topic

Water Resources in Lake Tana Basin: Analysis of Hydrological Time series data and impact of climate change with emphasis on Groundwater, Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia


  •  Tigabu T. B., Hörmann G., Wagner P. D., Fohrer N (2018). Statistical analysis of rainfall and streamflow time series in Lake Tana Basin. J Water Clim Chang (accepted).
  • Tigabu, T. B. & Kebede, N., 2011. Hydrological study of the Eastern Amhara development corridor of the Awash Basin, Northern Ethiopia ( Kobo-Robit-Minjar area), groundwater potential assessment. Beau Bassin, Mauritius, Germany: VDM Verlang Dr. Muller,Aktiengesllshaft & Co. KG.
  • Tigabu, T. B. & Ayenew, T., 2010. Water Resources Evaluation of Bijena-Mue River catchments with particular reference to groundwater. Beau Bassin, Mauritius, Germany: VDM Verlang Dr. Muller ,Aktiengesllschaft & Co.KG.

Conferences publications

  • Tigabu, T. B. & Georg Hormann 2015. Time series analysis of hydrological and meteorological data of Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia, Gordon Research Conference on Radiation & Climate (Poster), Towards Understanding the Interactions Between Radiation, Clouds, Aerosol, Precipitation and Climate, held in July 26-31, 2015, Bates College, Lewiston, ME, United States. http://www.grc.org 
  • Tigabu, T. B. & Georg Hormann 2015. Hydrometeorological time series analysis using R in Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia June 22-24, 2014, Hotel Siyonat Conference Facility, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa University –Afromont, Mountain Research Conference 2015,  http://mri.scnatweb.ch/en/networks/mri-africa
  • Tigabu, T. B. & Khare, D., 2013. Water balance evaluation of the Beresa catchment with emphasis on groundwater recharge. August 26-27, 2013, DoubleTree by Hilton, Raleigh, NC, USA, Omics group.
  • TIGABU, T. B., 2013. Trend Analysis of Hydrometeorology Parameters of the Tana Sub Basin, Upper Blue Nile Basin (Poster),    Gordon Research Conference and Seminar on Radiation and Climate , July 5-12, 2013,    Colby-Sawyer College,New London, NH, United States
  • TIGABU, T. B., 2013. Climate Change Impact Assessment on Groundwater in the Upper Blue Nile Basin (Oral and Poster),  4th International Conference for Prospective Leaders  in Climate Protection and Resource Conservation, May 14-17,2013,   Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany
  • TIGABU, T. .B., 2012. Hydrological study of the Upper Awash Basin to evaluate the groundwater recharge, North Eastern Ethiopia, Hydrology & Groundwater Expo, September 10-12, 2012 Hilton San Antonio Airport, USA.
  • DE Jong, C. , SHABAN, A. & TIGABU, T.B., 2012. Mountains in the third millennium – a decade of droughts and water scarcity?. 22-27 April, 2012, Vienna , Austria, EGU.
  • Tigabu, T. B., 2010. Water Resources Evaluation with Emphasis to Groundwater A Case Study, Bijena-Muye River Catchments, North Western Ethiopia, Addis Ababa,: The 2010 Conference on Water Resources in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 12-16 January, 2010